National Health Ethics Week

April 3 - 9 2017

In collaboration with participating organizations across Canada, the Canadian Bioethics Society is coordinating the 4th annual National Health Ethics Week, taking place April 3-9, 2017.


What is National Health Ethics Week?

National Health Ethics Week is a time set aside for health and educational institutions, ethics committees, health care professionals, community organizations, businesses and members of the general public, to host and take part in educational events that explore health ethics issues.

National Health Ethics Week was designed with the following goals in mind:

  • Encourage the organization of events to raise awareness of ethics issues related to health and health care across Canada
  • Provide greater visibility for Canadian ethics committees, services and supports 
  • Provide an opportunity for Canadians to engage in dialogue regarding current health ethics issues facing their communities

We invite you to join us in participating in Canada's National Health Ethics Week!

To view events that happened across the country as part of National Health Ethics Week 2016, please click here. 2015, please click here. To view 2014 Health Ethics Week events, please click here

If you are participating in National Health Ethics Week 2017 and would like to publicize your event, please send the details to and we will share them here.  

How Do I Participate?

All organizations, groups, and individuals who are interested in health ethics issues are invited to participate. By participating in National Health Ethics Week, you will show a commitment to ethical discussion and decision-making and will open lines of communication with others in your community.

Involvement in Health Ethics Week is encouraged at a level relevant to and comfortable for you and your organization or group. For example, you may attend an event in your area and advertise the initiative by displaying a National Health Ethics Week poster in your workplace. Or you might host a presentation, facilitate a lunchtime discussion group, distribute print materials or organize a half-day workshop. You are best able to decide where to focus your energies for maximum benefit in your organization or community.

Your organization may choose to organize an event that explores any area of health ethics that is of interest or importance to your organization. The aim is to get Canadians thinking and talking about a variety of health ethics issues – be creative! 


In order to reduce the administrative burden associated with NHEW, the Board decided to eliminate the registration process. This year, institutions will not be required to register in order to access NHEW related materials. We do hope you will send us information concerning your events so we can list them on the CBS webpage and track participation.

What Resources Are Available?

Upon informing us of your event, participating organizations will receive:

  • Electronic poster templates that can be easily printed and customized in order to publicize National Health Ethics Week and your local events
  • Event publicity, including access to the National Health Ethics Week Event Listing on the Canadian Bioethics Society website, which will be referred to in national publicity campaigns prior to the event
  • An invitation to post their organization’s name as a participating organization on the Canadian Bioethics Society website 
  • Assistance with locating health ethics and event planning resources

To view some additional resources, including a trivia game, open source presentations, podcasts and case studies for use by participating organizations, please click here. 

Who Should Participate?

All Canadian organizations with an interest in health and health care are encouraged to participate by hosting an activity exploring a health ethics issue. Because of each group's unique association with the health system, everyone will have an important contribution to make and experience to share.

This includes: 

  • Child and family service groups 
  • Churches and religious organizations 
  • Community based health organizations and groups 
  • Environmental organizations 
  • Health care institutions 
  • Health ethics committees  
  • Health professional associations 
  • Health-related businesses and corporations 
  • Members of the public 
  • Mental health agencies 
  • Post-secondary institutions and schools 
  • Regional health authorities and provincial boards 
  • Research ethics boards
  • Social justice groups

2017 Participating Organizations

This list will be updated as organizations send us information regarding their events.





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