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Advertising Opportunities - Coming Fall/Winter 2023-24

The Canadian Bioethics Society-Société canadienne de bioéthique provides opportunities to
advertisers to connect with the CBS-SCB membership. You do not need to be a CBS-SCB
member or a supporting organisation t
o advertise with the CBS-SCB.

Eligibility is limited to the following categories:

• Publishers, book distributors and others related to the publishing field;
• Academic programs or organisations related to the field of bioethics;
• Professional societies, organisations or institutions relevant to bioethics and consistent with
Canadian Bioethics Society-Société canadienne de bioéthique’s mission and goals or as
approved by the Board.

Website banner advertising
Spaces on the CBS-SCB website and newsletter as detailed below may be purchased for 30 days:

● Home page
● Student page

● Jobs page
● Become a supporting organization page
● National Health Ethics Week
 CBS-SCB Newsletter Banner


E-blast advertising in CBS-SCB newsletter
This opportunity allows advertisers to purchase space in the CBS-SCB newsletter and send pre-approved content to the Canadian Bioethics community via the CBS-SCB newsletter platform.

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