The CBS welcomes any individual or organization with an interest in ethical issues relating to human health and the biological sciences, to join and strengthen this cross-Canadian network.

Existing members come from all walks of life - health care professionals, academics/researchers, practicing ethicists and ethics committee members, students, journalists, public policy experts, retirees, writers, and many others, including, most importantly, members of the public and groups who are concerned that we treat each other and the environment in which we live, ethically

Individual Membership

Includes Under/Unemployed and Retired

Individual membership is a means for individuals to network with peers, support an environment of collaboration and inclusive dialogue on bioethics issues, and advance the cause of bioethics in Canada. 

Benefits to members include:

  • Eligibility for membership in a CBS Affiliate Group

  • Reduced rates on annual conference registration

  • Advance notice of selected bioethics events and opportunities

  • Opportunities to sit on the CBS Board

  • Voting privileges at Annual General Meeting

  • Eligibility for Lifetime Achievement and Distinguished Service Awards

  • Coming in 2020 - Access to the CBS Member Database, which facilitates networking between CBS members. It allows members to gain a better understanding of who does what in bioethics in Canada. Members can search for other members by name, province or city and by particular area of specialization. It is also possible to do individual searches to identify CBS members who are willing to be contacted by the media or to serve as mentors.

Individual Fees (One Year Membership):

Less than $35,000 Income        $54.64

$35,000-$64,999                       $103.81

$65,000-$79,999                       $136.59

$80,000-$99,999                       $174.83

$100,000-$149,999                   $218.55

More than $150,000                  $273.19

Retired                                       $76.49

Student Membership

Student membership provides an opportunity for full-time undergraduate and graduate students working towards a terminal degree to advance their learning, networking and career opportunities in bioethics. The following benefits are available:

  • All the privileges of individual membership, in addition to:

  • Reduced rates for membership, conference rates and accommodations

  • Eligible for student abstract awards bursaries to attend the annual conference

  • Eligible to represent students in your region on various student organizing committees

  • Opportunities to sit on the CBS Board as a student representative

  • Eligibility for student networking opportunities

  • Eligibility for student mentorship opportunities and skill-building workshops

Student Fees (One Year Membership):


Student Membership: $43.71

Supporting Organization 

Supporting organization is a means for organizations in Canada to support the development and advance the cause of bioethics by contributing to the work of the Society and supporting its goals. In addition, Supporting Organizations provide a way for Canadian groups, networks, departments, health services organizations and institutions to publicly demonstrate their commitment to decision-making and dialogue based on considered values. Supporting Organizations receive the benefits of individual membership for one individual in the organization. The organization is also recognized and appreciated through:

  • ​Acknowledgment on the Supporting Organization page of CBS website

  • The ability to post job openings on the CBS website/social media and in the CBS newsletter

  • Reduced registration rate for Annual Conference for individual members

  • Acknowledgment in the Annual Conference printed program


Supporting Organization Fees (One Year):


Bronze Level - $500

--includes one individual membership

--includes two job postings per year at no cost


Silver Level - $1000

--includes two individual memberships

--includes four job postings per year at no cost


Gold Level - $2500

--includes five individual memberships

--includes unlimited job postings per year at no cost


Platinum Level – $5000 and higher

--includes individual memberships for members of supporting organization to a maximum of 10

--includes unlimited job postings per year at no cost



Job Postings for Non-Supporting Organizations

--$250 per posting for 30 days