Being on the CBS-SCB Board


Membership on the CBS-SCB Board presents an exciting opportunity to contribute to the advancement of bioethics in Canada. CBS-SCB Board Members are volunteers from the Canadian bioethics community who work in a variety of roles to promote the causes of the Society. Members meet on a regular basis to maintain the Society operations, and to support and develop initiatives in bioethics for Society members and the bioethics community more broadly. The time commitment for Board Membership is roughly 10-15 hours a month, but varies depending on Board Role and time of year.


Board Members perform both an operational and strategic function, completing day-to-day tasks, while also developing and contributing to a broader vision for their Board Role and for the CBS-SCB generally. Board Members are leaders of their area of responsibility and have latitude to perform and define their Role in ways that best serve CBS-SCB and the bioethics community in Canada. 


In addition to supporting the CBS-SCB mandate, Board Members have an opportunity to contribute to a friendly, engaging, and supportive Board culture, while building connections and relationships with other individuals interested in bioethics across Canada.


Expectations of Being a Member


Board Members:

  • Participate in regularly scheduled Board meetings and related events

  • Contribute in good faith to Board discussions and activities

  • Support specific Board initiatives through leading or participation on ad hoc sub-committees

  • Promote CBS-SCB initiatives within professional networks

  • Participate in the CBS-SCB Annual Business Meeting

  • Attend the CBS-SCB conference


Becoming a CBS-SCB Board Member


Individuals seeking to be CBS-SCB Board Members must be current members of the Society. (Renew your membership here.)

CBS-SCB members may nominate themselves or other members by filling out a Nomination Form here. Members nominating another member for a Board position must inform that member and seek out the necessary background information from the nominee. Information pertaining to Nominee’s background and interests in a Board Role will be circulated to all members prior to elections. All nominations must be submitted to by May 31, 2022

Board Members will be elected by current CBS-SCB members by electronic ballot at the Annual Business Meeting which will take place on June 21, 2022 at 12:30pm Eastern Time.


Open Board Roles



Responsibilities include:

  • Overseeing CBS-SCB financial activities

  • Reviewing monthly and annual financial statements/reports

  • Providing financial updates to Board and seeking Board approval as required.


Communications Officer

Responsibilities include:

  • Developing CBS-SCB communications strategy

  • Managing the CBS-SCB website  

  • Ensuring appropriate branding, quality and professionalism in all board communications

  • Supporting communications needs of CBS-SCB initiatives


Social Media Officer

Responsibilities include:

  • Developing CBS-SCB social media strategy

  • Making regular social media postings that are timely, balanced and responsive

  • Responding to or redirecting inquiries which come in through social media

  • Supporting the social media communications needs of CBS-SCB initiatives


Would You Like to Know More?

If you’re interested in learning more about being on the CBS-SCB board, or the nominations/elections process, please contact the CBS-SCB Board Nominations Committee at: