Bioethics Education Programs

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Best Online Medical Assisting Programs

A list of online medical assisting programs (provided by Best Colleges in the United States) can be found here.

Preparing for Medical Internships

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Open Colleges' Common Job Interview Questions and How to Answer Them  

This comprehensive guide, created in consultation with industry experts, provides information on how to be prepared for various job interviews. Click here for access to this guide.

The Splintered Mind

Beginning a career in bioethics can take many paths. If you are considering the route of higher education in philosophy, for example, it might help to know more about applying to philosophy programs and what you can expect when you graduate from such a program. Eric Schwitzgebel, Professor of Philosophy from University of California, writes about applying to MA and PhD philosophy programs in his blog The Splintered Mind

Writing Proposals

Obtaining post-graduate funding may be difficult because money is scarce and the competition is fierce. Writing an effective proposal will help you stand out. Tips on writing such a proposal can be found here or in the Writing Tips section of this website

The Ultimate Guide to Passing Any Interview: Interview tips can be found here.

Career Exploration Tools and Resources: Resources and tools for career exploration can be found here.
Communication Skills: Resources for developing communication skills can be found here.