University Representatives

Current Representatives

McGill University: Dearbhail Bracken-Roche

Dearbhail Bracken-Roche is a first-year master’s student in Biomedical Ethics at McGill University, and  conducts her research as a member of the Neuroethics Research Unit at the Institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal (IRCM). Her interest in bioethics started at the University of Toronto, where she graduated with a BSc in Psychology and Bioethics in 2014. Dearbhail’s interdisciplinary background has greatly shaped her research interests and approach to bioethics, with her current work focusing on critically reconsidering and exploring the implications of the concept of vulnerability in mental health research ethics. Having studied and conducted research in bioethics in a number of institutions, she recognizes and values the interest that individuals from a wide variety of disciplines have in bioethics. As such, she aims to build connections with students from all disciplines who may be interested in bioethics and to facilitate cross-disciplinary communication about bioethics at the student level. Dearbhail also believes it is important to highlight career paths in bioethics at an early level and to explore with other students the ways in which an education in bioethics might be applied in non-traditional work settings. Outside of her studies and research, Dearbhail currently spends most of her time exploring and photographing her new home of Montreal, as well as meeting other students through McGill and the IRCM. 

McMaster University:

 Ryerson University: Ayesha Bhatti 

 Ayesha Bhatti has completed her Bachelor of Science (Honors) in biology and did a minor in philosophy at the University of Guelph. She is currently pursuing her MA in philosophy at Ryerson University. Her interests within bioethics include access to medications, policy issues, and social justice. Ayesha has 10 years of experience working on issues which affect vulnerable populations. She is currently researching how theories of justice can be used to increase global access to HIV/AIDS medications. If you are a current student at Ryerson University, please contact Ayesha at for more information about bioethics in your area, or about getting more involved in the CBS. 

University of Western Ontario: Amandine Azran

Amandine is a third-year undergraduate student in English Language and Literature at Western University. She became interested in bioethics while at a job interview at a Toronto Law Firm when the topic of reproductive technology was raised. This sparked her interest in bioethics; she then pursued further knowledge by reaching out to professors and professionals in the field of bioethics. Amandine is interested in the intersection of bioethics and the law (sometimes called “medical ethics”), health law, FDA law and medical tourism. Amandine has spent two summers working in a Toronto Law firm, specializing in Family Law and is an active member of the Western Pre-Law Society. Amandine is passionate about art, science, physical and mental health and volunteering.   

University of Toronto: Amitpal Singh

Amit Singh is a second year student studying Philosophy at Trinity College, in the University of Toronto.  His academic interests include the philosophical foundations of the law, ancient Greek ethics, and political theory. He also currently maintains research interests in investigating existing patient-physician relationship models, as well  civil liberties work, in particular the status of privacy and freedom of expression in the digital world. 

University of Ottawa: An Kuwabong

An Kuwabong is an Honours Bachelor in Health Sciences student in her third year at the University of Ottawa. She became interested in bioethics after completing a Community Service Learning program with the CBS and continues to look for opportunities to expand her knowledge of current bioethical issues in Canada. She is especially interested in how diversity in culture and human experiences contribute to different ideas and ideals on bioethical issues and how solutions can be catered to each community’s unique problems. Currently, she volunteers with Citizen Advocacy, Entre Amigos Spanish Club, and the university’s Health Promotion Office. On completion of her bachelor, she intends to pursue graduate studies in Public Health and work in health research.