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Bioethics Book Reviews

If you are the editor/author of a recently published bioethics book and would like to have your book reviewed then please e-mail our Deputy Communications Officer Amanda Porter at We will find a CBS member to complete a review of your book and coordinate the process with the Canadian Journal of Bioethics (CJB), who will publish the review. We are thrilled to have a book review partnership with the CJB. Once the book review is accepted then the link to the CJB will be published on our website as well!

Below are the published book reviews.


Please note that the Canadian Bioethics Society does not take responsibility for the content of the book reviews.

Book Reviews:

Clarisse Paron. Review of: Kristen Jones-Bonofiglio, Health Care Ethics Through the Lens of Moral Distress.

Megan Chevalier. Review of: Kaposy C. (2018) Choosing Down Syndrome. 

Aedan Garcia. Book Review: What time is the 9:20 bus? A Journey to a Meaningful Life, Disability and All, by Lucinda Hage (2014).

Nico Nortjé. Review of: Magnussen H. (2017) The Moral Work of Nursing – Asking and Living with the Questions.

Julia Gill. Review of Clinical Ethics Consultation - A Practical Guide.

Massimo Orsini. Review of: Hébert, P. (2016). Good Medicine: The Art of Ethical Care in Canada. Toronto: Doubleday Canada.

Zoe Bernatsky. Review of: Cooper, D.B. (ed.) (2017). Ethics in Mental Health-Substance Use. New York: Taylor and Francis.

Nipa Chauhan. Review of: Austin, W., Brintnell, S.E., Goble, E., Kagan, L., Kreitzer, L., Larsen, D., Leier, B. (2013). Lying Down in the Ever-Falling Snow: Canadian Health Professionals’ Experience of Compassion Fatigue. Waterloo: Wilfrid Laurier University Press.

Josée Bonneau. Review of: Greenberg, R.A., Goldberg, A.M., & Rodríguez-Arias, D. (Eds.) (2016). Ethical Issues in Pediatric Organ Transplantation. Switzerland: Springer International Publishing. 

Marla Sharp. Review of: Zlotnik Shaul, R. (Ed.) (2014). Paediatric Patient and Family-Centred Care: Ethical and Legal Issues. New York: Springer.

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