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CBS-SCB Bioethics Tools & Resources

Below is a list of bioethics tools, resources, and references that have been provided by CBS-SCB members (within a category, items are listed in alphabetical order). The CBS-SCB does not endorse any of the below and is not responsible for content.

If you are a member of the CBS-SCB and you have a link, resource, or reference that you would like to share, please contact the CBS Administrator at:


Academic Programs & Professional Development in Bioethics

  • ASBH’s list of American academic programs in bioethics (link)

  • ASBH’s list of American bioethics journals (link)

  • Association of Bioethics Program Directors (link)

  • CBS-SCB’s list of Canadian academic programs in bioethics (coming soon)

  • CBS-SCB’s list of Canadian bioethics centres (coming soon)

Job Listings in Bioethics

Bioethics Journals

  • American Journal of Bioethics (link)

  • Canadian Journal of Bioethics / Revue canadienne de bioéthique (link)

Bioethics Podcasts & Recorded Presentations

  • NSHEN Fireside Chats (link)

  • NSHEN It’s Complicated: A Podcast About Healthcare Ethics in Practice (link)

  • NSHEN Conference Recordings - videos and documents

    • “A Balancing Act: Ethics and Resource Allocation in Healthcare” - 2022 Conference (link)

    • “Vaccine and Values Conversation” - 2021 (link)

    • “Ethics in the Time of COVID-19: Navigating Uncharted Waters” - 2020 Conference (link)

    • “Moral Distress in Healthcare” - 2019 Conference (link)

  • “A Balancing Act: Ethics and Resource Allocation in Healthcare” - 2022 Conference (link)

  • University of Toronto’s Joint Centre for Bioethics YouTube channel (link)


Bioethics Tools

  • Extendicare Ethical Decision Making Tool - ​Printable PDF tent cards - file includes two documents: Side A & Side B - (SIDE A) (SIDE B)

  • NSHEN Ethics Tools Database - includes videos and downloadable files related to: plain language definitions of ethics terms, an ethics committee orientation manual, guide to health policy development & review, duty to provide care & safe work environment, informed choice, and personal directives (link)


Bioethics Blogs & Interest Groups

  • BioéthiqueOnline - the social media arm of the Canadian Bioethics Journal / Revue canadienne de bioétique (link

  • Impact Ethics - bioethics discussion forum managed by the Memorial University of Newfoundland’s Centre for Bioethics (link)

  • MUN Bioethics Interest Group - bioethics interest group hosted by Memorial University of Newfoundland’s Centre for Bioethics (link)


Bioethics Newsletters

  • John Dossetor Health Ethics Newsletters (archive) (link)

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