National Health Ethics Week 2021

National Health Ethics Week will take place November 1-7, 2021. Stay tuned for details!


National Health Ethics Week is a time Canadian health institutions, schools and universities, research and clinical ethics committees, healthcare professionals, community organizations, businesses, and members of the general public set aside to host and take part in educational events that explore health ethics that affect Canadians.


The goals of National Health Ethics Week are to:

  • Encourage events across the country to raise awareness and promote dialogue about bioethics ethics issues facing our communities;

  • Facilitate networking between individuals interested in bioethics;

  • Provide greater visibility for the services offered by the Canadian bioethics community, including research ethics boards and clinical ethics committees;

  • Offer an opportunity for Canadians to get engaged in discussions that have important policy-making implications in the health arena.


CBS Event: Mandatory Vaccination Policies: Ethical Considerations


To recognize National Health Ethics Week, CBS is hosting an event.  On November 2nd at 12:30 (EST) Al-Noor Nenshi Nathoo (Alberta Health Services) will be joined by Jocelyn Downie (Dalhousie University) and Bashir Jiwani (Fraser Health Ethics Services) to explore the ethics dimensions of mandatory vaccination policies.  Please see the attached poster for more details.


How Else Do I Participate?

All organizations, groups, and individuals who are interested in bioethics are invited to participate. The aim is to get Canadians thinking and talking about a variety of health ethics issues that are of interest or importance to their community – be creative! 


Involvement in National Health Ethics Week is encouraged at a level relevant to and comfortable for you and your organisation/group.


Examples of levels of participation:

  • Advertise the initiative by displaying a National Health Ethics Week poster in your workplace;

  • Distribute print materials;

  • Attend an event in your area or via live streaming;

  • Host a presentation;

  • Facilitate a lunchtime discussion group;

  • Organise a half-day workshop

Register your NHEW event

If you or your organization plans to host events for National Health Ethics Week, please let us know by filling out the registration form. The information will be posted on the CBS regional calendars in order to increase awareness. If your event will be live streamed and is open to the public, please provide the required information to log in.​​





















What Resources Are Available?

  • An Electronic poster template & badge that can be easily printed in order to publicize National Health Ethics Week and your local events;

  • Tips for hosting your own event

  • Event publicity, including access to the National Health Ethics Week Event Listing on the Canadian Bioethics Society website;

  • If needed, assistance with locating health ethics and event planning resources.


Who Should Participate?

All Canadian organisations/groups with an interest in health and healthcare are encouraged to participate by hosting an activity exploring a health ethics issue. Because of each group's unique association with the health system, everyone will have an important contribution to make and experience to share.


This includes:

  • Child and family service groups

  • Churches and religious organisations

  • Community-based health organisations/groups

  • Environmental organisations

  • Healthcare institutions

  • Health ethics committees 

  • Health professional associations

  • Health-related businesses and corporations

  • Members of the public

  • Mental health agencies

  • Post-secondary institutions and schools

  • Regional health authorities and provincial boards

  • Research ethics boards

  • Social justice groups

More Information

For more information about National Health Ethics Week, please email

Click here to see upcoming NHEW events