Annual Conference - Student Events

Each year, the Canadian Bioethics Society hosts an Annual Conference in partnership with a local bioethics centre/department.

The 27th Annual Conference and Meeting of the Canadian Bioethics Society will take place in Toronto, from May 25-28, 2016.

The conference theme: Achieving Better Health: The Role of Bioethics Education, Engagement and Exploration invites presenters and participants to contemplate a broad canvas of ethical concerns associated with the achievement of better health.

Bioethics strives for a common language to express a universally shared framework for addressing problems that plague and challenge humankind. Bioethics and human rights endeavors both grapple with basic issues of human nature, human equality and human dignity. This conference opens the door, and hopefully the imagination, to identification, analysis, evaluation, discussion and debate of matters that illustrate the interplay of bioethics and human rights.

There will be a meet and greet for students. Mentorship events and a business meeting will be on the schedule. We will also have a social event consisting of a dinner and a night out.


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